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A new agora for policy makers, DEI experts and researchers.
Barcelona, April 18th 2024.

The Annual Workplace Inclusion Conference

Organised By WeInclude

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Your Equity Creation Talent Partners


DEI Consulting

We help you create a sustainable DEI strategy, implement the right frameworks to measure the impact of this work and support you in communicating your vision.

Inclusion Events

We create engaging and immersive experiences for your employees to learn about 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and pass it forward.

Equitable Talent Acquisition

We design your approach to engage with talent from diverse communities, augment and diversify your pipeline, ensure a fair hiring process and decision making.


We consistently contribute to conference keynotes, webinars interventions and long form articles that seek to mainstream DEI topics.
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Get first hand insights how businesses for good are good business, from interviews with experts and founders of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives. Find out more about their founders' journey, as well as about DEI products and services at your fingertips.


Ryan Gilchrist Chief people officer at Wayfair

Ryan Gilchrist
Chief People Officer, Wayfair

"Her ability to navigate and lead and drive results across diverse cultures and priorities is unmatched."
Sanja Popovka founder and organizer events HR portrait

Sanja Popovska

PWorld Events

"Oana is an exceptionally charismatic speaker, with a deep knowledge and passionate dedication to Diversity and Inclusion."
Soeren Winter, Berlin, VP of Talent at Blockchain, talent leader, dei champion

Soeren Winter

VP Talent, 

Parity Technologies

"Oana improved our DEI efforts significantly with her thought-leadership and effective project management."
Catherine Buthaud Head of Talent, director EMEA Criteo

Catherine Buthaud

VP EMEA People, Criteo

"She's an amazing TA tech expert! I've learned a lot from her...
She's a great partner!"
A word from our founder - Oana Iordachescu

We are committed to amplifying initiatives that create an inclusive and resilient workplace. 

Our goal is to deeply understand key workplace challenges and co-create a path with our partners to engage with diverse talent communities, apply inclusive design for the future looking people experiences and empower leaders take action with confidence.

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Your Equity Creation Talent Partner

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